CIRI Guides

CIRI has developed foundational IR resources and research on developing an IR program from the ground up, understanding standards for disclosure and IR compensation and responsibilities, all of which are updated periodically.

Note: All of CIRI's publications are electronic and may not be reproduced or retransmitted, in full or in part, without prior written consent of CIRI.


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2022 IR Compensation & Responsibilities Report: Part 1 - Responsibilities
Part 1 focuses on the IR role, responsibilities and budgets allowing you to compare against your peers across Canada. This 60-page report includes extensive data and insights for IROs at varying stages in their career and covering issuers with a range of market caps.
2022 IR Compensation & Responsibilities Report: Part 2 - Compensation
Part 2 provides detail on IR compensation, including salary, bonuses and long- and short-term incentives by market cap and by title.
Guide to Developing an Investor Relations Program, Fourth Edition
CIRI’s Guide is a comprehensive resource for developing and managing a successful IR program. This fourth edition reflects the continued strategic evolution of the IR role; the profession’s response to expanded investor focus on ESG; changes to regulatory requirements; and best practices for the use of technology.
Standards and Guidance for Disclosure and Model Disclosure Policy, Fifth Edition
CIRI's Standards seek to promote transparent and timely disclosure to the marketplace and avoid disclosure issues that could result in penalties or lawsuits or damage to the reputation of the company’s directors and officers. This document also provides the framework for developing a written disclosure policy.