CIRI advisor

CIRI advisor is a periodic electronic whitepaper that shares IR best practices with the investor relations profession.

These publications are available to CIRI members and the broader investor relations community.

Selective Disclosure for IR Professionals

No matter what industry you represent, you need to understand selective disclosure.

Issuers are often in situations when selective disclosure could occur. Should selective disclosure ever happen to you, when is it right to disclose the information broadly? What should be disclosed? To whom? And how? 

CIRI advisor: Selective Disclosure aims to answer those questions and more. Download your copy today.

Career Development Advice from IR Professionals for IR Professionals

Investor relations is a diverse field and getting ahead can be a bit enigmatic. That's why we’ve spoken with five Canadian IR professionals and asked them to tell us their career boosting tips. It’s like having career-focused coffee chats with practiced IR mentors.

Download the interviews now by clicking on "Free Download" and start leveraging this unique expertise today.

IR Board Reports
As IROs, business communication is critical to our success and the success of the people who depend on us. By providing IR information and insight to the Board you perform an invaluable service.
Board reporting seems logical enough but it can be confusing at times.

  • What information is key information?
  • Does the Board need to know this?
  • What should I say?
  • How should I say it?

We can help you with that. We have created a guide and template that is designed to answer these questions so that you become more efficient at reporting the facts and figures that your Board needs to know.

In a changing world with evolving markets and political uncertainty our ability to be the investors' voice has never been more important.

Learn about the most important content to include in your board report today.

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