Mentorship Program

New IROs may find the profession daunting at first due to its complex and multidisciplinary nature. That is why the CIRI Ontario, Québec, British Columbia and Alberta chapters offer a Mentorship Program to their members.

These programs pair leading IR professionals (mentors) with those fairly new to IR (protégés) for strategic one-on-one meetings to help the protégé achieve specific career development goals. While working towards the protégé’s goals, the mentorship team shares ideas, perspectives and experiences. Each team meets several times over six months.

The Ontario, Québec, British Columbia and Alberta programs offer mentors a rewarding leadership experience, while providing all participants the benefits of connecting with another colleague in the profession.

For more information on CIRI's Mentorship Program, download the program brochure.

To sign up as a protégé or as a mentor, please contact the Chapter you belong to:

CIRI Ontario Mentorship Program contact -

CIRI Alberta Mentorship Program contact -

CIRI British Columbia Mentorship Program contact -

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The Rewards of Giving

The practice of IR is constantly changing. The only way to keep pace is by maintaining a CIRI membership, where you will be the first to hear about evolving trends and network with fellow thought leaders. That's why I've been a CIRI member since 1995. ”

Ernie Stapleton
Fundamental Creative Inc.

CIRI Membership Bundles


CIRI has created several different membership bundles all bundles include a National membership with chapter dues and each bundle is packaged with a different CIRI resource.

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