Issues Publications & Communications

The Issues Committee produces several publications on issues and their impact on IR to educate CIRI members.  The Committee also polls CIRI members to raise awareness of issues and solicit feedback, most often when preparing comments or submissions to the regulatory authorities. 

Publications and communiques include:


Backgrounders are published on an ad hoc basis as issues arise.  These publications alert CIRI members on regulatory issues affecting IR, providing an in-depth analysis of the issue.


Briefs, like Backgrounders, are published on an ad hoc basis to keep members abreast of current issues.  Briefs focus on issues that are non-regulatory in nature and like their name suggests, are shorter than Backgounders.


The Committee issues Submissions to the regulatory authorities to effect change.  A Submission may be published as a response to a request for comment, or on a proactive basis, when CIRI believes an issue has high importance to the IR profession.

Polling Results

The Committee will conduct polls on select issues to gather opinions, raise awareness and educate members.  The polling results are then communicated to members.

CIRI Keeps You Informed

In my work as a financial writer and investor relations consultant, keeping abreast of issues that are important to my clients is critical. Over the years, CIRI has been my single best source of industry news and expertise – from timely newsletters and bulletins to high-quality events to ongoing access to seasoned IR practitioners. ”

Chuck Midgette
Blunn & Company

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