CIRI's 27th Annual Conference

June 15-17, 2014 ~ Fairmont Chateau Laurier

Welcome to 21st Century IR—where the IRO has to be adept at not only juggling today’s demands and priorities, but must keep their organizations firmly focused on the future. As IROs, we’re expected to deliver superb service to our current stakeholders while traveling the globe looking for new investors. We’re expected to keep up with global economic trends to determine how our organization may be impacted by macro factors, while instilling confidence in investors that we can weather the storm. While doing that, we have to also stay ahead of emerging issues, not only within our own company but from all sorts of external factors, including – board demands, new regulations, activist shareholders, changing trends in trading behaviour, economics, governance requirements, social responsibility, social media, technology, etc. These days we have to do all this with tighter budgets and smaller teams! We’re economists, strategists, storytellers and fortunetellers… all wrapped into one! Welcome to the 21st Century! It’s a fantastic time to be an IRO; always challenging, stimulating, demanding and never dull.

CIRI’s 2014 Annual Conference has been designed to help you navigate through the challenges and issues facing 21st Century IR professionals. Warren Jestin, Chief Economist at Scotiabank, will prepare us for the global macro issues and trends that may impact our industries and our organizations in 2014. Industry and capital market experts will discuss the changing face, and pace, of capital markets and what that means for IROs. Gain insights into the fixed income investor and how they could impact your IR program. Hear from IROs about how they market to global investors, and how other IROs identify existing shareholders and new targets. Engage in a lively discussion with this year’s panel of senior IROs who will share best practices and talk about key challenges they face today. Participate in a case study on managing in today’s reality of tight budgets. And there is more. CIRI’s 2014 Annual Conference Committee has compiled breakout sessions on a variety of current topics, ranging from governance, shareholder activism and corporate social responsibility to the impact technology is having on IR.

We’ve mixed in a lot of fun and networking opportunities along the way, where even more learning will take place. So bring your golf clubs, hop on a bike or taste your way through the ByWard Market and share your personal experiences with colleagues from different industries, geographies and backgrounds while hearing how they have solved some of their own challenges.

Join us June 15-17th, 2014 in the nation’s capital, Ottawa, for an amazing learning experience combined with a dose of fun in a relaxed setting. We are confident that CIRI’s 2014 Annual Conference will “empower, lead and deliver” you into 21st Century IR.

Conference Co-chairs

Anne Plasterer                                                 Rudy Sankovic
Executive Director, Investor Relations               Senior Vice President, Investor Relations
Newalta Corporation                                          Toronto-Dominion Bank

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