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CIRI acknowledges the following organizations that are providing special support for the 2012 Conference.

National Strategic Partners:

Business Wire

Contact:  Darlene Webb
               Country Manager, Canada
Phone:    (416) 593-0208

Business Wire, a Berkshire Hathaway company, celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2011 as the global leader in press release distribution and regulatory disclosure.

Investor relations professionals around the globe turn to Business Wire to simultaneously deliver material news to all market participants via thousands of news sources. Business Wire also provides complete, in-house XBRL consulting and state-of-the-art IR website services, as well as SEDAR, EDGAR and European regulatory filing fulfillment.

With a local bureau in Toronto and 31 more around the world, Business Wire offers unparalleled local service backed by global reach.

For more information, visit us at www.BusinessWire.com or contact us at +416.593.0208 or canada.info@businesswire.com.

CNW Group

Contact:  Lisa Lamm
               Manager of Demand Generation and Marketing
Phone:    (416) 863-5375

CNW Group is Canada’s leading financial newswire, offering simultaneous delivery of news releases to disclosure-required distribution points nationally and globally.

Exclusively endorsed by the Toronto Stock Exchange, CNW’s acclaimed news service along with its website – www.newswire.ca – are where the news media and markets look first for earnings announcements and material news releases from public companies. Distribution outside of Canada flows seamlessly onto approved networks and highly ranked websites operated by our international affiliate, PR Newswire.

In addition, CNW’s webcast, conferencing, transcription, regulatory filing, translation and IR website solutions bolster investor relations programs through wider company profile and shareholder communications.


Contact:  Mitchell Praw
               General Manager, Marketing and Client Development
Phone:    (416) 386-2760
Infomart is Canada’s leading media intelligence agency with more than 25 years of delivering media monitoring and research solutions to Canada’s best-informed institutions.

Covering print, social media platforms, radio, television, and online news, Infomart gives you the intelligence you need to optimize your media strategies, saving time, saving money, and fuelling more effective media-related decision, that drive results for your business.
For more information:
Visit us @ www.infomart.com / Call us @1.800.661.7678
Email us @ contactus@infomart.com / Tweet us @infomart


Contact:   Lisa Davis
                Director, Marketing
Phone:    (416) 342-8651

Marketwire electronically delivers news and information to media and financial communities around the world through traditional and social media channels including newspapers, magazines, databases, analyst terminals, online portals, blogs, and more. Leveraging the latest in social media, search engine optimization (SEO), multimedia, monitoring and reporting, Marketwire maximizes the power and reach of its clients’ communications. Sysomos, a Marketwire company, provides unparalleled social media intelligence through its advanced monitoring and analytics solutions. Serving more than 12,000 clients worldwide through 20 offices on four continents, Marketwire is a dominant distributor of company news releases and other communications. For more information, visit us online at www.marketwire.com.

Platinum Sponsors:

IR Magazine

Contact:   Ian Richman
Phone:    (212) 430-6865

Turn to IR magazine for the latest insights on trends and practices in the investor relations community. IR magazine, available both in digital form and in traditional hard copy, is the only global publication focused on the interface between companies and their investors. The magazine hosts events in the US, Europe, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Brazil. Inside Investor Relations (www.InsideInvestorRelations.com) is the magazine’s companion website, which includes daily news updates that are highly relevant to investor relations professionals; and IR Insight is the publication’s research arm, which investigates issues relevant to IR by surveying both the investment and the IRO communities.
Click here to subscribe to IR magazine. 

Phoenix Advisory Partners / Canadian Stock Transfer / LINK Shareholder Services

Canadian Stock Transfer Company Inc. | 1.888.402.1644 
CST Phoenix Advisors | 647.351.3085
LINK Shareholder Services | 647.282.2876

Canadian Stock Transfer Company Inc. (CST) is a part of the Link Group, an international network of providers of transfer agent and employee plan services. Headquartered in Canada, with offices in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Halifax and Vancouver, CST provides issuers global solutions through local access points. Formerly the Issuer Services business of CIBC Mellon, CST joined American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC (AST) to form the North American division of the Link Group. Together, this division provides service to over 8,000 public issues and more than 5.5 million shareholders in over 22 foreign countries, ranging in size from initial public offerings to Fortune 100 companies.

Canadian Stock Transfer Company delivers a full suite of comprehensive and integrated global solutions to clients and shareholders. Those solutions are delivered through a number of Link Group entities including CST Phoenix Advisors, LINK Shareholder Services and CST Equity Plan Solutions. CST Phoenix Advisors is a leading provider of proxy solicitation and corporate governance advisory services, offering fully integrated proxy solicitation, governance and information agent services. LINK provides comprehensive asset recovery services, helping issuers preserve their corporate equity with a broad range of escheatment and unclaimed property solutions.

Link Group companies provide clients with customized solutions to fit their specific needs along with access to the best systems, services, processes and products available today—around the globe.


Gold Sponsors:


Contact:    Kirk Lynn
                 Director, Sales
Phone:     (416) 369-6735

Broadridge’s innovative solutions are driving efficiency, equity and more robust investor engagement in the North American capital markets.

Broadridge has a long tradition of delivering technology-fuelled solutions to the market. Over the past 25 years, we’ve invested in our systems, technologies and processing for shareholder communications and proxy voting globally. With the introduction of solutions like telephone and Internet voting and e-delivery, our game-changing innovation helped issuers work faster, smarter and connect them more closely to their investors.

Today, Broadridge is harnessing the latest technologies to create solutions like Shareholder Forum, Virtual Shareholder Meeting, Mobile ProxyVote and Vote Confirmation – solutions that bring together issuers and their investors here in Canada and around the world.

With a strong commitment to supporting the transparency of the shareholder communication process in Canada and abroad, we continue to deliver the innovative solutions that support investors and issuers, by – improving process efficiency, shareholder engagement and the overall integrity of the proxy process.

Canadian National Railway

Contact:  Cristina Circelli
               Deputy Corporate Secretary and General Cousel
Phone:   (514) 399-4135

Canadian National Railway Company and its operating railway subsidiaries -- is engaged in the rail and related transportation business. CN’s network of approximately 20,000 route miles of track spans Canada and mid-America, connecting three coasts: the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico. The Company’s extensive network, and its co-production arrangements, routing protocols, marketing alliances, and interline agreements, provide CN customers access to all three North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) nations.  

CN has undergone a transformational journey to become a North American rail leader. That journey began with CN's initial public share offering in 1995 and was followed by five acquisitions, C$8-billion worth, that gave the railway its unique North American footprint.  CN's business model -- anchored on operational and service excellence – puts the company at the fore of the rail industry. The next step in CN's journey is to become a true supply chain enabler through collaboration, innovation, and continued productivity gains.  

For more information on CN, visit the Company’s website at www.cn.ca.

TMX Equicom

Contact:  Sarah Zupnik
               Manager, Business Development
Phone:   (416) 815-0700 x 263

Equicom, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TMX Group Inc., is Canada's leading provider of investor relations and strategic corporate communications services. With proven expertise in developing and executing highly effective strategic communications programs, and an extensive network of investment community contacts, Equicom specializes in helping clients achieve their capital markets objectives. Equicom offers a comprehensive suite of services including: investor relations, media relations, annual report production, multimedia and web design, web casting, live event management and corporate branding. Equicom is headquartered in Toronto, with offices in Calgary and San Diego.

To learn more about Equicom's comprehensive suite of services, please visit our web site at www.equicomgroup.com

Silver Sponsors:

CDS Clearing and Depository Services Inc. and
CDS Securities Management Solutions Inc.

Contact:     Janet Comeau
                  Director, Corporate Communications
Phone:      (416) 365-0842

As Canada’s national securities depository, clearing and settlement hub, CDS Clearing and Depository Services Inc. (CDS) supports Canada’s equity, fixed income and money markets, holding almost $4 trillion on deposit and handling over 400 million domestic securities trades annually.

CDS is accountable for the safe custody and movement of securities, accurate record keeping, the processing of post-trade transactions, and the collection and distribution of entitlements relating to securities deposited by participants.

CDS delivers the trusted, reliable services our stakeholders and their customers demand and we’re leading the way with innovative new technologies and solutions that will continue to enhance their competitive advantage, at home and around the world.

CDS Securities Management Solutions Inc. (CDS Solutions) offers depository-related services to issuers and their agents to facilitate securities issuance and registrar and paying agent related activities.

CDS would be pleased to discuss how we can help improve the services we offer issuers and their agents. Contact us at issuers@cds.ca.

Renmark Financial Communications Inc

Contact:    Louis Boutin
                 Vice-President, Finance
Phone:     (514) 939-3989

Renmark Financial Communications Inc. is a full service investor relations firm representing small, medium and large cap public companies trading on all major North American exchanges.  Our team of 40 Investor Relations professionals works hand in hand with our Media and Web departments to communicate your company’s story to existing and potential shareholders, as well as to the entire financial community.  The key to your communications success is the relationship-building we have done within the investment community and financial media.  

Beyond electronic access to tens of thousands of North American brokers, your company will be given an ongoing live contact and an information exchange with our entire network of financial professionals.  As a team we are committed to remaining both efficient and effective, allowing us to provide your company with the most proactive and comprehensive combination of services possible in the areas of Investor Relations, Media Relations and Corporate Communications.

For more information, visit our web site at www.renmarkfinancial.com or contact us at +416.644.2020

S&P Capital IQ

Contact:    Alexa Kobayashi
                 Client Development Associate
Phone:     (416) 507- 2596

S&P Capital IQ is a leading provider of multi-asset class data, research and analytics to institutional investors, investment advisors and wealth managers around the world. S&P Capital IQ combines two of our strongest brands—S&P, with its long history and experience in the financial markets and Capital IQ, which is known among professionals globally for its accurate financial information and powerful analytical tools. We provide a broad suite of capabilities designed to help track performance, generate alpha, identify new trading and investment ideas, and perform risk analysis and mitigation strategies.


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