Dear CIRI Member:

The last few years have been challenging for a number of industries, particularly mining and oil & gas. Given the high concentration of these issuers in Canada, it is not surprising that their challenges quickly became CIRI's challenges. But with challenges come opportunities.

Last winter, CIRI's Board of Directors took the opportunity to revisit our strategy. We reflected on what we do and why; noted our accomplishments; recognized our shortcomings; and are working to transform the organization to better meet the evolving needs of our members. To do this, we developed a practical vision for the organization to be realized by 2018 and identified six strategic imperatives that are most critical to achieving that vision.

A great deal of progress has been made across the organization since that meeting only 10 months ago. Some of this progress you may have noticed and some you will see in the coming months. Here is an overview:

Strategic Imperative

What This Means for You

Well Recognized IR Certification Designation:

We focused our marketing efforts for the certification program and have seen an increase in registrations for the 2016/2017 Program as well as greater awareness and recognition of the CPIR designation outside of the IR profession. Ongoing.

The CPIR designation increases the stature of the IR profession among IR and related communities while offering high-quality, strategic IR education.

Highly Visible and Respected Brand:

We have identified a marketing agency that will work with us on a digital marketing campaign to increase awareness of both CIRI and CIRI’s initiatives within the IR and related communities. Coming this winter.

Greater awareness of CIRI initiatives (e.g. advocacy efforts) while broadening our community and your network.

Integrated Sponsorship Opportunities:

We are developing an integrated approach to sponsorship for 2017 that will offer IR product and service suppliers exposure to the IR community nationally and regionally. Coming in 2017.

National and regional support of the IR profession from your suppliers.

Flexible Membership Packages:

To encourage IROs at all levels to join CIRI, we are launching new membership packages that 1) offer discounts to issuers with multiple members and 2) offer the flexibility to bundle educational events with the membership renewal. Coming this fall.

Flexibility to bundle multiple memberships or membership and professional development into one invoice for ease of approval and processing.

Collaboration and Alignment Across the Organization:

We are integrating communications across National and the Chapters, starting this fall with our weekly professional development communication that will provide information on all educational events across Canada. Coming this fall.

Reduced email volume by having one weekly email highlighting all professional development events across Canada. 

Technology for Operational Excellence:

We are implementing an association management system that will allow for greater operational efficiencies while enhancing the online experience for members. Coming in 2017.
An improved, user-friendly online experience in the ‘members only’ sections of 

All of these changes are aimed at advancing the practice and the stature of the IR profession while improving our collaboration across the organization to the benefit of our members. If you have feedback on any of the above initiatives or CIRI in general, please contact us directly.

Kind regards,

Brian Ector                                                                    Yvette Lokker
Chair, CIRI and                                                               President & CEO
Sr. Vice President, Capital Markets & Public Affairs       CIRI
Baytex Energy Corp.

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